Looking Forward Summer

Despite continued Covid precautions, we had a great time playing this past ski season! Huge thanks to @TomHooper for keeping us going at Sugarbush all season; and, we are so exited to have met @CharlieRice who brought us to Smuggs; also our old haunt, Twiggs, and new venues The Pub and Parker Pie. And, as always, many Thanks to Val for our monthly residency at The Ladder 1 Grill. We were also able to get back to the studio, and with the help of @BennettShapiro, recorded a few songs that we are currently covering. All one take, no edits, warts included, just like a live show! Check them out on the "Home" page.

This summer you can finds us, in addition to the Ladder 1 Grill (first Thursday of every month), at JCaT, Mill River Brewing, Rusty Parker Memorial Park, Twiggs, and The North Hero House. Check the "Shows" page for schedule and directions.

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